Autism and Sleep Issues

For those of you who know about our struggle having Wyatt sleep thru the night, I am ecstatic to report that he has slept thru the night two nights in a row! WooHoo!

For those who are new to our story, Wyatt doesn’t sleep well at night. He wakes up 4-6 times a night. I think it was his way to pay us back for all the times we told him he couldn’t do something he wanted to do. LOL I work full time so this was a huge challenge and quite frankly not working out well for my husband and I. I posted about our struggle on Facebook and had a lot of great ideas from friends. I researched everything and bought every product that might help him sleep, we were desperate.

He has been on Melatonin for 2 years and it works in the beginning and the effect slowly wears off. The problem with Melatonin is that it will put you to sleep, however it doesn’t keep you asleep. Our doctor recommended we put him on Melatonin ER (extended release) which is supposed to keep him asleep. It worked great the first night, however hasn’t worked well since.

I have heard a lot about Essential Oils, however I honestly didn’t think they would work and it was a waste of money. I am happy to report I was wrong! A friend recommended Lavender Oil and told me to rub on the bottom of his feet and also to put in a diffuser in his room. I have done both the last two nights and he has slept thru the night!

Through out our Autism journey we have had to try different supplements, therapies, medicines and now oils to see what will help Wyatt. If one doesn’t work, try the next one. This can get very expensive and can feel frustrating at times. So when you find something that works and helps your child, it is very rewarding. It solidifies they fact that all the time and energy you are putting into helping your child is worth it.



One thought on “Autism and Sleep Issues”

  1. This is awesome! So glad this worked for your family. Not everything is going to be a good fit and or work/last for some familys but good info nonetheless. Thanks for sharing!


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